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Concept Papers 'Spider' Diagram

  1. Site Admin

    Please download the attached pdf file to view the diagram


  2. Aaron Noell

    Thanks to everyone who has helped put this together so far, it looks great. The one thing that seems a little under developed to me is Astrobiology as a part of solar system exploration, or “GOAL 2 in the previous Road Map—Determine any past or present habitable environments, prebiotic chemistry, and signs of life elsewhere in our Solar System.” Only paper 26, How can we identify habitable environments in our Solar System, directly covers this. I would love to see a paper, How should we search for Extant life in the Solar System and/or specific papers covering some of the top priorities for astrobiology science in the exploration of Mars, Titan, Europa, Enceladus, Venus etc. The beauty of our solar system is that we can get specific about what lessons each planet/body may hold for Asrtobiology, whether it is through prebiotic chemistry, searching for extant life, or understanding how larger solar system dynamics shelter habitable worlds. I understand the desire to steer clear of mission proposal and design, and that discussing priorities may be a fine line or slippery slope. However, I also worry that if we don’t openly debate and then publish as a community what some of our top science goals are for solar system exploration that when the time comes for mission design we won’t be able to point at our roadmap and say, in no particular order these are the things that would really advance Astrobiology.

  3. Michael E. Sabbagh

    Personally, I couldn’t be more excited about this Road Map.