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Mars2020 report out-contains many astrobiological ideas

  1. Robert B Bruner

    On July 9, the SDT Mars2020 report has become available.

    It consists of a 156-page PDF and another PDF of Appendices.

    In my option, it is must-reading for Roadmap team members.

    It is available on and

    Robert B. Bruner MEPAG member

  2. Ali Mallakin

    There were many discussions particularly in this site that hydrophobic domains can create an aqueous environment that sustain life. Idea of having polymer end-products that are able to create natural organosynthesis. Still in report of Mars 2020 definition team water is included as the essential factor for habitability. For terrestrial habitable environments, they included four necessary factors for habitability: water, raw materials, energy, and favorable conditions.

  3. Helen M.

    I am also curious to read this Mars 2020 report.