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extremely complex chemistry after eons undergo selection and evolution resembling life (implications for Pluto)

  1. min abis

    We saw that in Pluto, the creation of light-driven complex and diverse chemical systems near a planets surface is possible. If this process is further supported by stable and more favorable atmosphere, as well as other conditions, these chemical systems can become extremely complex. A chemical system with increasing complexity over millions of years eventually will develop a kind of chemical selection, which means that the systems that can sustain themselves will prevail in the long term. After billions of years the resulting reactions will be selected by their ability to be there in the long term, because of some properties that they have, such as repeatability, adhesiveness, flexibility, etc..For the eyes of some resulting reactions, all this history will be virtually the same thing that we see as life in which we ourselves are a part, and the properties of the surviving reactions will be viewed as something like homeostasis!!