Improve link with the Artificial Life community

  1. Robert B Bruner

    There is a community called Artificial Life and they simulate and model life processes in the computer.

    For instance, the Europeans are holding a conference in Italy called ECAL2013 in Sept. 2013 where results of research on artificial life will be presented. Is the NASA Astrobiology Community doing anything to link up with this research?

    Robert Bruner Denver

  2. Christopher H House

    Good point, Bob. More specifically, what directions within A.Life would benefit NASA Astrobiology?

  3. Robert B Bruner

    Then click on “tracks”

  4. George Cody

    Dear all, presumably artificial life would serve as a model for the origins of life. As the later is completely undescribed. Artificial life appears somewhat down stream. What I suggest is that I am unaware of any artificial life system that does not exploit extant life principles. Yet it appears requisite that the origins of life had to proceed through many stages and as far as I know there is no theory that points to extant life being then inevitable consequence of such stages.

  5. Robert B Bruner

    I have taken a stab at the origin of life.

    See my attempt at “ Resources “on this website.

    I am trying to provoke new ideas on the subject.

  6. Nancy Y. Kiang

    There is also a lot of research going on in artificial photosynthesis. Although geared toward renewable energy, many of the basic questions are the same: how to stretch the boundaries for photosynthesis: for light harvesting, for splitting water, and how to make it more efficient (and define efficiency)? Photosynthesis is still the producer of our strongest biosignatures, but there is a dearth of photosynthesis experts doing research for astrobiology.

  7. George Cody

    I like what Nancy is saying. At least for Earth (and Earth like planets in “habitable zones”) photon energy is much more signifcant than geothermal. Plus, photochemistry requires photo receptors- hence spectral signatures. Back in the Day- Freeman Dyson talked about “pit-lamping”, he was largely misunderstood; but if you read his essay you realize that what he is actually saying is that phototrophic life is the most easily detectible remotely (note that Freeman is often misunderstood but is in my opinion he is one of the true great intellects, one of the greats of physics and quantum theory- and I note (!) he does not require my good opinion for even remote confirmation of such significant status).