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    Education and training in environmental microbiology – microbial isolation, characterization, evaluations, microbial environmental interactions and environmental and bioprocess engineering. Dr. Adams’ career represents a good balance between microbiology, engineering, chemistry, and microbial process/bioremediation development and program management. Research focuses on molecular and environmental aspects of microbiology; developing new microbial characterization methods and bioprocesses and biotreatment methods; understanding microbial persistence and function in water, soil and atmospheric environments; and enhancing microbial survival, growth, and metabolic activity in diverse environments. He currently holds a research professor position in the Department of Metallurgy in the College of Mines and Earth Sciences at the University of Utah.

    Professional experience covers expert witness on microbial and environmental processes; development and application of new biological processes and treatment systems for water, sediment, and atmospheric environments; development of environmental treatment and contingency plans; and investigation of microbes and microbial processes in diverse environments.

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