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Evolution of Advanced Life Webinar

Category: Webinar
Description: Research associated with the study of the evolution of advanced life seeks to determine the biological and environmental factors leading to the development of multicellularity on Earth and the potential distribution of complex life in the Universe. This research includes studies of the origin and early evolution of those biological factors that are essential to multicellular life, such as developmental programs, intercellular signaling, programmed cell death, the cytoskeleton, cellular adhesion control and differentiation, in the context of the origin of advanced life. This research area also includes an evaluation of environmental factors such as the influence of extraterrestrial (e.g., bolide impacts, orbital and solar variations, gamma-ray bursts, etc.) and planetary processes (“Snowball Earth” events, rapid climate change, etc.) on the appearance and evolution of multicellular life. Of particular interest are mass extinction events.

++++++++++ Joining Instructions ++++++++++

  • Open any browser and go to>
  • Select the option to "Enter as a Guest", type your name in the field, and click "Enter Room".

  • Once connected to the virtual meeting, dial into the telecon.

  • Teleconference Line: (866) 692-4538

  • Passcode: 7496560#

  • NOTE: If dialing from outside the U.S., use your country-specific dial-in number found in this PDF with the same passcode listed above.

    For the best audio quality, please mute your phone by pressing
     • 6 when not speaking.  When you wish to speak, simply press
     • 6 again to unmute. NOTE: During the presentation/panelist portion of the meeting, the participant telecon line may be globally-muted by the host. During these times, you may use the Adobe Connect chat room to share your thoughts. We will let you know when the line is open and may be used to verbally ask questions/make comments.

When: Monday 13 May 2013, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (UTC -05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, Lima
Where: Adobe Connect