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    Happy birthday images funny Today, I would like to introduce you to one of my personal passions, the Autogenic Training as a relaxation aid. In Article, Satisfaction – How You Learn to Enjoy Moments’ I already mentioned that one of the ways to live for a moment in the here and now and think is Autogenic Training. I have come across this possibility by my doctor: I was stressed by a combination of a lot of work, too little time for friends and relatives as well as my partner and an increasingly stronger feeling that I can not recover anymore. My doctor said that it was important to give the head a time out to get a real relaxation. For example, has always been very good at football training. Only that you can not simply decide to have after workout training, after all, the rest of the team and the coach belong to it.

    In addition, a delayed celebration will make it difficult to create it in time for training. My doctor therefore had the idea that I should try it with autogenous training, since you only need it yourself and a quiet corner as well as very little time and still achieve very good results. The three training units, which each lasted about 30-40 minutes birthday wishes images, I had to pay myself (per unit it was with me 20 €). The overall 60 € but more than worth it. What can I say? The doctor’s visit and the subsequent training sessions are about a year ago, and since then I have been using Autogenic training more or less consistently every day to get a few minutes of relaxation only for me. Happy birthday images funny.

    What is autogenous training and what is the basis for it?

    Autogenic training is a method by which a deep relaxation can be achieved within a short time by means of autosuggestion (training of the subconscious mind, influencing one’s own psyche). The autogenic training was developed during the 1920s on the basis of hypnosis and first published in 1932 by a psychiatrist named Johannes Heinrich Schultz. The special feature is quite clear that a few minutes of autogenous training are sufficient every day to be much more relaxed and feel more comfortable. Happy birthday images funny.

    How does autogenic training work?

    Autogenic training is about focusing entirely on one’s own body and thoughts. This will make you free from all past and imminent negative things for a certain period of time, which are usually constantly in your head.

    You are able to switch off and once only with yourself and at the moment, while you are fueling an enormous amount of strength and motivation, in order to be able to approach the challenges of everyday life more calmly and more carefully. The Autogenic Training includes various exercises, which can be combined. I will only present the exercises which I have learned from my doctor and which have been applied daily with great success. Happy birthday images funny.

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